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Measure highly skilled migrants extended: Working temporarily without a residence document

An interesting excerpt from the latest IND newsletter:

The temporary measure for highly skilled migrants has been extended. This means that in many cases a highly skilled migrant may start working for a maximum of 4 months without a residence card or sticker. The ‘beschikking’/confirmation is the proof of work authorisation. This flexibility does not apply to employees with the following residence permits: Intra Corporate Transferee (ICT), European Blue Card and Scientific Researcher. These employees do need a visa sticker to work while waiting for their residence document.

The above-mentioned temporary measure is the case for all highly skilled migrants who do not need a provisional residence permit (i.e., the MVV visa sticker) to travel to the Netherlands. For example for highly skilled migrants from the USA, UK or Australia.

Want to know more? Here is the link to the latest IND newsletter.