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Brexit – what about a residence document?

Does your company employ UK citizens? Now that the Brexit has become reality, there is a transition period of 1 year. Are you, as an employer, aware of the consequences where it comes to compliance with the immigration rules and regulations for UK nationals? Have you anticipated on residence documents that are required after the transition period has ended?

The IND has sent an information letter to around 45,000 Brits in the Netherlands. This letter explains that their situation does not change after Brexit during the transition period.

In their letter, the IND explains that their current situation will not change in 2020 as a result of Brexit. This is because the withdrawal agreement provides for a transition period from 1 February 2020 up to and including 31 December 2020. A valid passport is the only official document needed. The temporary residence permit sent out by the IND in March or October 2019 served as an anticipation, and would only be needed in case of a no-deal Brexit.

After the transition period, UK nationals do need residence document for the Netherlands.

During the transition period, UK nationals will receive a letter inviting them to apply for one.