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Attracting and retaining staff

How does your company deal with the attraction and retention of international staff?

In addition to the usual daily issues, international staff often have additional challenging topics that require their attention: what about housing in the Netherlands, do I meet all the legal conditions for staying in the Netherlands and what about my family? Which school do I choose for my children and how does the Dutch education system actually work?
As a company, how do you respond to these topics, how do you make it as easy and worry-free as possible for the expat? Surely, a care-free move to the Netherlands should be a priority topic in your attraction process of new staff. The same with retention: your international staff should have little to worry about settling in and, on the longer term, extending their stay in the Netherlands.
As an employer you naturally want to enter into a lasting relationship with your employees. This already starts with an extensive onboarding process, with themes both within the company and beyond.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field, RelocAid understands that it is important for company and expat, to provide/experience a soft landing in a new culture, both company-wise and country-wise. We can take a great amount of work out of your hands where it comes to immigration, housing, moving, education, etc. With our profound knowledge of these and more topics, we know about the latest immigration rules and regulations and we have, often long, relationships in the fields of international moving, housing, etc.

You do the attraction and retention, we make relocation an enjoyable adventure.